So who's Karelin anyway?

My Mission

Dedicated to speaking life and encouraging others to live authentically, pursuing their full potential.

Of course, there are many ways this plays out in my life. In my family, I’m a wife, mother of four adults, a grams to four littles, and a member of a family of faith.  My full-time vocation is teaching humanities (history, literature, and rhetoric) to high school students.

Personally, this plays out in my life as a follower of Jesus, a contemplative pilgrim on the journey of faith.

Extraordinary Experiences

I find amazing joy in traveling for fun and adventure. My husband and I love to long-distance hike. We are most challenged and at peace on the trails together, most recently in the Sierras of California. We also have completed the Tour du Mont Blanc around the highest mountain range in Europe. 

My most recent adventure was as a solo pilgrim on the Via Francigena in Italy.

But there is no place like home. Growing up and living in Kailua, Hawaii, natural beauty feeds my soul.

Core Values

The older I get, the more simple life becomes. I no longer struggle with things that are too lofty for me. (Psalm 131:1-2) What I am sure of in this world has narrowed, but with that narrowing has come amazing clarity. These are the things I value most: